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Brentwood Printing

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our valued customers with quality and competitively priced print services in a timely and professional manner. We are committed to helping local businesses by meeting their printing needs. We will always be there for any query or problem you faced and if you want any professional suggestions, expert advice we stand with you like a family.

Get to Know Us

Our Team


Our Story

A History of Innovation & Adaptation

Brentwood Printing was started in 1977 by Ted Kornak as a family business. Originally called After 5 Printing, Ted started the business while working full time as a teacher.

The business was run out of the Kornak’s garage in Brentwood, thereby giving rise to the name Brentwood Printing Inc.

The print shop offered offset printing for many businesses that needed reliable and affordable printing services. The business grew rapidly because of the quality, reliability, timeliness and value offered to customers. Eventually, the family garage became too small to handle the request for work!


Greg Kornak eventually purchased Brentwood Printing from his father and today carries on the tradition of providing quality products for affordable prices in a timely manner.


As a second-generation family business, we are proud of our 43 years of service and experience providing our valued customers with the best printing service in Calgary.

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